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People on the Horizon indie-pop / Praha

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  • Gabriel
    Home (demo)

Text skladby Gabriel

z alba Home (demo)

Autor hudby: Lada Homutová, David Kronus
Autor textu: Lada Homutová

Gabriel is falling from the sky
from what I know he’s gonna die
I don’t want to be there
I don’t want you to care
I don’t want him to die
I don’t want you to cry

Failing states all around us
golden brains, wont save your ass...
regrets are prepared, but they are too late
people are coming, dancing in the ache
formalized movements and empty sights
voiceless while speaking and restlessly cry

Approaching fame, open your bag
forget your promises, hang your head
the fight between us has been too long
I can’t give you what you want
I can promise It will be fine
but Gabriel says he’s gonna die