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People on the Horizon indie-pop / Praha

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Text skladby Don't Tell It to Him, Tell It to Me

z alba Home (demo)

Autor hudby: David Kronus
Autor textu: Lada Homutová

I know why you’re crying
you’d better stop trying to follow this plot
take on a shirt, make your very first step
you won’t regret and you’ll smile instead

You’re a galactic person
standing on melting iceberg
and blending your drink
seeking the planet

I know where you’re flying
you’d rather stop dying and find the right “now”
take off the cuffs, make your very first move
you will be happy and you will prove

You’re galactic person
standing on your planet
and blending the drink
you like and thinking

Don’t tell it to him, tell it to me
you’re much more for me
than what he can be for you
forget your tears it’s just galactic dust
here is the person to whom you can trust
my friend

I’m listening to what you’re saying
for so many reasons I am staying
I do care what you feel, give me your hand
you will be better and I’ll understand

we’re galactic persons
standing on our own planet
and blending drinks for us
time’s changing