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Of the Woods black-hardcore / Kunžak

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  • Face The Bullet

Text skladby Face The Bullet

z alba PROMO

Autor hudby: Of The Woods
Autor textu: Of The Woods

End of your life is near
you have nothing left
Now it's time to face the bullet
Death is approaching

But before you'll be allowed to die
You must know what pain and hate are

Time will slow down
Gismo carrying death
It's flying in blur motion.

You're losing control and you don't feel the limbs.
Your memories - they're just dissapear like specter in a fog.

Now it's time to end it all
Bullet flew through the head
Blood and pieces of brain are everywhere
You're finally dead

Putrescent cadaver
Laying in own entrails
Carnivorous worms
Eating that flesh.