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Of the Woods black-hardcore / Kunžak

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  • Something To Be Afraid Of
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Text skladby Something To Be Afraid Of

z alba PROMO

Autor hudby: Of The Woods
Autor textu: Of The Woods

Once upon a time, there was a man who's carrying his inner demons. And his inner demons chase him for all the time. He's trying to escape but he never ever succeed and this is a story about him.

Don't turn around, don't look back.
There's something behind you,
it will hunts you till your death.

Only shadows hear your pain
This is place of full hate
Only darkness scream your name
Keep your distance if you can.

You are afraid of suffering
Levels of pain are fading
There are many reasons for your dead
Just pick one of them.

I am your decayed soul
I am your false hope
I am your everything you hate.