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Other Way crossover-rock / Praha

„KONCERT 19.9. v Rock Café s K2 (kadve) a GotHigh!“

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Text skladby Prophecy

z alba Cracore

Autor hudby: Other Way
Autor textu: Other Way

The things you’ve done are all in blur
Don’t know your mother and your room
Nothing interests you anymore
All things got wrong

Where you go
Where were you supposed to be
So let go and be free
Stop pleading me

You’re going
You’re cruising
Through your own world

You’re seeking
The meaning
Of your own words

Stop sleeping
And dreaming
Wake up – it’s time now

No waiting
Let’s feel the
World that surrounds us

There is no reason for your sins
You had everything at a glimpse
Don’t think you’ll get back everything
With another pill

We used to be the closest friends
But every story ends
Don’t be coming to me again
To ask me for help

So, who are you
Who were you supposed to be

You’re going to where I used to be
You’re coming for my prophecy
You think you will get an ecstasy
That you will rise