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Other Way crossover-rock / Praha

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Text skladby Medicine

z alba Cracore

Autor hudby: Other Way
Autor textu: Other Way

I know what I need
Life is better with a little medicine
Overload of feelings
I'm already getting rid of boundaries
Come here, baby, please
Come and join me in my little sin
Everybody's screaming
Cause I'm already feeling it

Heey now I can go
Wherever I want to
There is nothing here to stop me
Take more and go on
Don't need no money
It's friends business, take it now

Now I can really feel it
It's getting all over my body
If you wanna see it
Come and join us life is just about it
Fun is all around here
Don't be shy and loosen your body
Feeling like you're dreaming
Than all is fine, your dream is ready

Heey now we can go
Wherever we want to
There's nothing here to stop us
We take more and go on
We'll fly so high
And we're never coming back

I'm flying so high
Higher than sky
Fun-train never ends
So come take a ride
No boundaries given
Rise up an fly
Enjoy your state of mind
There is no need to cry