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otherparts hardcore / Plzeň

„!!!Hledá se zpěv!!!!“

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Text skladby Seven(th)


Autor hudby: otherparts
Autor textu: otherparts

Fame, pride
If i give a fuck about you
I would blow you away
Day, ends
You don´t mean anything to us
Get the fuck away

It's dissapointing
Pride and lust
All they are enjoying
Wrath and sloth
It's dissapointing
Seven deadly sins
All they are enjoying
Pride allways wins

This is the inception
Of endless missery
Regardless reflection
The end is near
This is the ignorance
Which is all arround
Destroying company
The way is clear!

Lust, pride
Disturbing all the fucking Word
I would burn it down
Day, ends
After all the shit you have done
You will pay for all

Life is just sadness
I want to rise
Come on and summarize
Beat down the haters
Live on your life
Show out of your disguise
System won't break you
Find out your way
Break down the flatlig ties
After the cleanup
Life will be nice
This is just worth of it all