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Digitální release

Producent: One Step Heavier
Mix: Mehdi Masnaoui-Rotty
Mastering: Mehdi Masnaoui-Rotty
Album art: Lauriane Geny


Mr. Sandman

29. 8. 2022

In honor of the Neil Gaiman's successful Netflix series starring Tom Sturridge as Morpheus, the Kind of Dreams, I have composed this soft cinematic version of Mr. Sandman, originally written by The Chordettes.

This track is also hugely inspired by SYML's cover, whom I have had the pleasure to hear live in Prague earlier this month.

I do hope that Neil continues to allow us to immerse ourselves in his fantastic universe, and look forward to stepping into the Dreaming with you all.

It goes without saying that I do not own any right to the original song nor to any element od The Sandman. I simply pay my respects, musically, to inspiring minds.

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