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100% progressive-punk / Ulanbatar


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Parranoia (Live @ Festival Křídla, 2012) [HD]

Živé vystoupení Vznik: 28.11.2012
Marco Frangos - bass, vocals
Vojta Bořil - drums, vocals
@ Festival Křídla, Czech Republic
video for 100% made by Muflon, Kachna & Mrkev

It's no fucking mystery
I know that you're trying to bring us down
You thing that I'm paranoid
It's just something going on in our head

But now you've found another way
No no no, it don't have to be this way

You think this feeling's paranoia
But the truth comes out in the end I assure you
I wish you wouldn't take us for fools
Paranoia ?

It drags me down when you repress
The secrets of our immortality
But we'll get there in the end
You can't keep us down
Surely we will rise

Don't want your lying voices in my head
I'm not paranoid
Paranoia ?