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100% FrREEDOM progressive-punk / Ulanbatar

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  • Paranoia ?
    Live at AB records
  • The Show
    Live at AB records
  • Our Kingdom
    Live at AB records
  • Naming of the One
    Live at AB records
  • Ashram
    Naming of the One

100% - Naming of the One (Official video, 2014)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 23.8.2014
Marco Frangos - bass, vocals
Vojta Bořil - drums, vocals
recorded live @ AB Records, 2013
video by Jiří Mühlfait

The naming of the One, what would you call it?
Can't you deal with God, I understand it's not his fault
The infinite one truly has no name
So whatever you chose it's all the same

The Dazzling Darkness, the Light of the spinning galaxies
Whatever's good for you
Then you know it's really fine by me
Underneath we're all the same
All the fucking same

Same, we're all the same

The naming of the One, what would you call her?
Jah, Krisna, Buddha, Allah, Kali, Siva
Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer, The Source, The Force
Call it what you will, call it what you want