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03. srpna 2020
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    The Calling
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    The Calling
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    The Calling
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    The Calling
  • The Calling
    The Calling
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    The Calling
  • Let Me Fly With You
    The Calling
  • Dangerous Mind
    The Calling


Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 28.1.2020
New ONA's lyric video for "Dangerous Mind" from the album "The Calling". Order at https://www.fairpricemusic.com/cz/band…

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Too many words but nothing to say
Too many steps but it's out of my way
Too many feelings but I´m empty inside
Dangerous mind

They look at me, I look at them
What are they doing, can they feel the same?
I feel so lonely my soul is gone
And all I wanted...

Don´t look at me like this
This is not me
This is my prisoner
So let it be

And all I wanted is loaded gun!

I´m affraid of living
I´m affraid of death
I was so grateful
and now I am so sad

Don´t look at me like this
this is not me
this is not my mind
Don´t look at me like this
this is not me
so let it be

ONA - czech metal band from Třebíč/Brno

Vocal - Silvie Marie Cecilie Chrudinová
Guitar - Petr Caha
Bass - Marek Vaňoušek
Drums - Luboš Denner

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Director & editor: Luboš Denner