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Old Good Tom acoustic-ambient / Děčín

„Nové album: "Spi a nebo žij"“

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Text skladby 100 years

z alba 100 Years of Loneliness - EP

Autor hudby: Old Good Tom
Autor textu: Old Good Tom

It was a hard year for me
And it's not over yet, still a few days to go
And if I could I wouldn't remember anything
I would better give a quiet peace to my soul

Cause my life
Is my heart
And my heart
Is an empty yard

You still dont know and you will never know why
You try to follow those invisible signs
And no one understands you when you try to explain
That all you've got left are these tries

To be a next human being
With a right
To have
A happy day and night

And no one is going to take you away
Even if your body moves your spirit stays behind
And no one breaks your hundred years of loneliness
You still dont know and you will never know what and why has to be done
Cause my heart is an empty yard
And my life is my heart

It was a hard year for me
Of course it could have been worse so there is nothing to complain about
You may say there must be a reason
But it might be some justification because we don't want to doubt

What if we are
Just stardust in the rain
And what if this life
Doesn't has to be full of a pain

You still dont know and you will never know why
But you keep asking using a common sense
You've learned to stand by social rules
And you´ve teached yourself to live behind your own fence

And suddenly
The death is knocking on your door
And for the first time
You're happy for going home

And no one is going to give a hand
This help is just a physical form of somebodys thoughts
But that border will be never crossed
And no one visits you in the village of a forgotten name
If I could I wouldn't remember anything of my soul

Cause I want to be
The next human being
Who is living its right
To have a happy day and night