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Old Good Tom acoustic-ambient / Děčín

„Nové album: "Spi a nebo žij"“

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Text skladby Ferryman

z alba 100 Years of Loneliness - EP

Autor hudby: Old Good Tom
Autor textu: Old Good Tom

I can feel it, almost like on my own skin
all your sorrow, that won't disappear
but in this moment, I can do nothing more
you're now on your own
and it must happen this way

The world is waiting, you cry out a hole in your eyes
and it looks like, you might be the last
but the help is waiting, it's hidden in your fist
you're lying in the mist
and you're beating the ground

But it doesn't get you out

I can see it, it's like it's happening to me
I'm a part of it, but i've got to let it be
've got no more words, told you everything I should
maybe did everything I could
but now it's too late anyway

Ain't no heartless man, but neither can't play with you
we need to be sincere and we need to tell the truth
hope you understand, I also know what is pain
I know you would like, but I can't stay
was your lover and than

I was just your ferryman