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Ohen black-symphonic / Trnava

„Recording the second album WHISPERING LIES“

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Text skladby Stardust (feat. Miška Pokorná)

z alba Mortal Man

Autor hudby: M. Franz Novanský, M. Forsberg Sloboda
Autor textu: M. Forsberg Sloboda, M. Franz Novanský


All blackened, all destroyed, even hope for eternity
Our sin has grown too far and we remain in our misery

What was once healing soul, now poisoning all the flesh inside
One never believed in the sacrifice of lamb of god

Time has reached final set, waiting enhancing regret
While we dream of our pride the demons are lurking in our hearts

Straight was my way of life until temptation eclipsed my aim.
Instead of repentance I set my throne above the stars

All blackened, all destroyed, even hope for eternity
All blackened, all destroyed, even hope for sanity

My throne lies above stars of almighty God
All I was forever died, my voice is lost
Is it void or light? frost or heat from heart?
I lost sense of sight, or is it darkness all around...

If there was pain inside of me
It took every part of my life
No matter if I was darkness or darkness was me
We were together one soul ruined in the blackest symphony

Risen from ashes
To fire was thrown
Feel the stars

Vortex of stardust flows, regaining forgotten voice
Heating from the deepest freeze and key is forged by breeze
Opened was chest by key and so will remain for thee
To throw the final spark in time for the star again to shine.

Give me the clearest day

All lighten all reborn, even hope for eternity
Our sin was washed so far and we can rise from our misery

Time has reached final set and our regret was retreat.
While we burn for Jesus Christ, demons are purged by eternal fire

Straight is my way of life, temptation cannot shake my aim.
Instead of my exalt I set my place among the stars

All lighten all reborn, even hope for eternity
All lighten all reborn, even hope for sanity