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Odraedir metal / pagan - Praha / Beroun / Hořice

„26.8. Folk metal fest v Tišnově“

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Text skladby Troll's Cave

z alba Troll's Cave

Autor hudby: Odraedir
Autor textu: Dub

Stinky habitat,

uprooted timbers down.

Heaps of faeces

bones and corpses around.

It was bad choice

hmm… yeah it was,

go out of the path

and shorten… I got lost.

After half day trip

over bush and fens.

Thirst and hunger,

it my power drains.

Forrest berries

sated my stomach.

weird stream

leads me up to the ground.

No spring of water

as I expected.

That’s stinky spill

and near the cave.

What I see

it’s a slaughter.

Better to steel away,

wrong time to be brave.

They told me it was just a tale

Some told me the tales could be true.

But what I see is pretty real,

that awful beast that next to me grew.

The beast, the troll, coming from inside.

Hell, I wouldn’t go,

would never go

out of the path.

It is too late.

Now it is late

for escape from the hate

of the one, from the cave

that is awoken and rising.

Hell, I wouldn’t go,

would never go

out of the path.

And head straight.

Now it’s late

for escape clutches of the angry troll.

He stares on me

I stare on him.

What will follow

I can read in his grin.

As he pushes me

to the ground with branch

His hand lifts me

meters up to the air.

Awful smell

from opened jaw

brings me to my end

into the depths of beast’s maw.

So ends the story,

in so inglorious vein

No feast in Vallhala,

just bored and cold Helheim.