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Odraedir metal / pagan - Praha / Beroun / Hořice

„26.8. Folk metal fest v Tišnově“

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Text skladby Asterix and Obelix in Pagan forest

z alba Pagan Forest

Autor hudby: Odraedir
Autor textu: Dub

Across mountains and plains

through the ground of enemy,

they came here to our lands

to find something with history.

Mighty Gaulish warriors,

accompanied by little dog.

Marching in the darkened woods

hardly see through heavy fog.

Romans came outside their gates

built a camp and settled here.

It will end like ever,

so they feasted with no fear.

Next day in the morning

headache like a storm.

Noise of armour awoke them

roman turtle starts to form.

Panoramix disappeared,

Romans crept in during night.

Without magic potion,

Galls will loose this unfair fight.

Wiseman told he knew

how to win the battle.

Go north in Pagan Forest

there druids are settled.

We will rise together, side by side together.

Show them what can pagan… blood

Deeper in dense forest

wooden cottage stands.

As druids heard the story

helped them with defence.

They hurried back to south

to help others in last effort.

To put Romans to flight

with Odraedir mead escort.