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Odraedir metal / pagan - Praha / Beroun / Hořice

„26.8. Folk metal fest v Tišnově“

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Text skladby Occultism and mystic practics in Pagan forest

z alba Pagan Forest

Autor hudby: Odraedir
Autor textu: Dub

At the midnight in the forest

nearby Rocks of Black Unicorn,

dwells the hatred and bitterness

where the darkness impersonates.

Five persons stand in the circle,

each in the top of pentagram.

Black coats with capes cover bodies.

Just five torches as source of light.

Incanting ancient verses,

in the middle of pentagram,

swirls wind and rises dust,

space-time implodes, gate we cast.

For revenge, for pleasure,

to punish their guilty.

For long time disorder

we call on wraiths and daemons.

Five persons stand in the circle

speaking language long forgotten.

Dark whole expands, fed by anger,

stronger than ever before.

One by one daemons pass by,

they brought fear and devastation.

If you would like, run you can try

But you won’t miss annihilation.

Rise… rise… rise… rise

Raid… raid… raid… raid

Ride my legion, leave no one alive.

Ride my legion, show them their fate.

Ride my legion, better world awaits.

For that what they did us, I want them to feel our hate.

Five persons stand in the circle,

each in the top of pentagram.

Earth quakes under hordes of creatures,

damnation day has begun.