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Odraedir metal / pagan - Praha / Beroun / Hořice

„26.8. Folk metal fest v Tišnově“

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Text skladby Pagan Forest

z alba Pagan Forest

Autor hudby: Odraedir
Autor textu: Dub

We are druids from Pagan forest

we live with nature in harmony.

Wild life is to our hearts nearest.

The calm, wind whispers the symphony.

Living in cottage we built by ourselves

we improve skills with nature powers.

Years ago we swore to protect

everything around to the final breath.

One day evening from southern borders

we hear noise of falling trees.

Terrible scream resounds with forest.

Everywhere chaos, like a bad dream seems.

We took magic liquids

and travel coats.

Let’s charge our horses

to lead the way to source.

Promise given to nature

calls us to fulfil.

I see fire in the distance

Brothers, we are here.

Black cloud on the glade is spread.

Everything around is dead.

What evil fluid, let’s stop it friends,

this living darkness. Protect our lands!

First flacon, and second one.

Explosion, soon will be done.

Darkness, covered in smoke

changes, into rock.

One year later we are back on the glade.

Green trees and well instead of burn

Nature refreshed with our assistance.

Now to the cottage we’ll return.