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Octagone death-electronica / Plzeň

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z alba Atratus: The Pendulum

Autor hudby: Kris/Ados
Autor textu: Stembus

An ageless heresy
Serpents swarming in darkness
The old order reduced to dust
In obscurity we dwell
United by treachery
In supremacy through conspiracy
We trust

Gathering the fragments of the masterwork
Worldwide hate
A guild multinational

The sacred defenders of the Plan
Sophisticated and ciphered
The bodies have been burnt
The spirit rests unconquered
Blessed be the Invisible Ones

Hark, oh, our unseen Lords
Hidden and hideous
Thou who dwell in earth and soil
Show us the way

The brave new kings
The newborn sons
For the brand new world
Bring forth the manuscript
Obey and spread the word
Show us the way

When the only truth no longer lies in secrecy
When the supreme voice is no longer silent
We will rise to claim our triumph
Step aside
For the march of the supreme
Give us a sign
Set us free.