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Octagone death-electronica / Plzeň

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Text skladby BURY ME BURNING

z alba Atratus: The Pendulum

Autor hudby: Ados
Autor textu: Stembus

Sequence in a perfect arrangement
An exact order of processes
But the tables are turned and the damage is done
Here I stand
Descent and failure made flesh

No regrets just for the sake of humanity
No weakness is to enter the heart and the soul
Pseudoindividual parts of myself
Prefabricated shape and emotions
The cause and the effect reversed
The binary code´s too vital
I am the hate
The order is to obliterate

I am the prototype – you´d better bury me burning
Denial, fall and genocide
You´d better bury me burning

You made me live
Thus I will make you bleed forevermore
Your creative force is killing you again
You don´t know what you´re aiming for

No regrets just for the sake of false humanity
No weakness is to enter my heart and my soul
Pseudoindividual parts of yourself
The code more humane than yours
So different in shape - so similar in emotions
You die