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nvmeri indie-pop / Bratislava


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Text skladby Cornerstone

z alba Nvmeri

Autor hudby: Nvmeri
Autor textu: Nvmeri

you said you always wanted to have your own chance
to take the plunge and move up higher
as it turned out the chance slipped too easy from your hands
where’s your fire
you seem tired

like a limestone all of your dreams have been drowned
forgot how it feels to be admired
the meaning of success was completely redefined
your advisors
bunch of liars

in the eye of a twister
the heavens will whisper
your name
and the cross you’ve been carrying will turn to gold

brother, hold on
you’re much closer to the yet unknown
it’s brighter up here
at the other end of the rope
I wish you could see
what’s beyond your comfort zone
concrete and steel
becoming your cornerstone

moving away seemed to be a perfect plan
to materialize all of your desires
but the tough world made you an extraordinary man
and the fire
burns even higher

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