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Noxist death-progressive / Praha

„Live In Rock Café k poslechu :)“

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  • The Queen's Chamber (live) 135 ×
  • Soothsayer (live) 93 ×
  • Abomination (live) 56 ×
  • Butterfly (live) 39 ×
  • The Thing (live) 33 ×

Text skladby Child Of Fire

z alba promo demo

Autor hudby: Pepa Kříž & Elisabeth Lorenzova
Autor textu: Elisabeth Lorenzova

You made a vow you couldn't keep
never fought for your beliefs
never questioned, never paused,
nor have ever felt remorse

You brought hell to paradise,
stained your soul with the worst crime,
now, you fool, stand aside,
or you'll never realize

Your pride took the upper hand
and leads you to the bitter end
Murderer in the eyes of all
you shall leave forevermore

All your deeds were done in vain
and as the truth burns your hand
now you finally understand
the cruel trap of fate

Falling down, I'm falling down
to the womb of my Mother Earth
No one hears my final cries
as I drown in the sea of fire

Torment everlasting, guilt unbearable
no end to this nightmare, to my
The One mighty to release me will not
stain his hand
my voice will never reach him; my pleas