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No Misery Left screamo-post rock / Praha

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  • On Agathodemon's Deathbed
  • The Autumn Epilogue (Single 2012)
  • Chapter I - Hate (EP "Let The New Life Begin" 2012)
  • Chapter II - Sorrow (EP "Let The New Life Begin" 2012)
  • Chapter III - Hope (EP "Let The New Life Begin" 2012)
  • Chapter IV - Love (EP "Let The New Life Begin" 2012)
  • Paranoid Dreams (Demo 2012)
  • Noise Inside (Demo 2012)
  • Plane Stripes (Demo 2012)

Canvas / No Misery Left / Saved By The Fortune and others

25.10 / 19:00 / Chapeau Rouge

Canvas (Bedfordshire, post-hc)

Canvas navštíví vůbec poprvé Českou Republiku, můžeme se těšit na ochutnávky z jejich nového alba No Love, No Hope, No Future, které vychází 20.října

Saved By the Fortune (Praha, post-hc)

No Misery Left (Praha, post-hc)

Call Tracy (Most, pop-punk)

Born Again (Jindřichův Hradec, metalcore)

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Some good news

Hi guys!
After all this time we've been down, we have some good news
First of all new single+lyric vid will come really soon - in february
You can check out our new EP soon too, in spring
We wanna make some cool stuff with old songs - Something like music video:)
And maybe we shall take new people to complete No Misery Left band.