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No Misery Left screamo-post rock / Praha


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Text skladby Noise Inside

z alba Demo 2012

Autor hudby: Vladyslav Tsarenko
Autor textu: Turgay Abdullayev

Hope I rely,
I feel lost in this maze.
Ariadnas 's Thread is useless,
Uncertain will be my way
I'm piligrim in desert,
Scalding sand makes me blind.
A toy boat
With paper anchor

This voices put smoke in my head
And all my tries are in vain
This voices put smoke in my head and give no chanse to my escape.

I asked God, why I've been but here,
But the silence was my only answer.
Even though I'm lost and tired.
I try to keep my love.
I'm carring love through this maze.
Don't leave me, stay with me.

Don't leave me, stay with me,
Be an angel of my clarity.
Take me with you to the skies,
I'am lost between this eyes

I want to fly.
You gave me wings.
Thank you .
My savior!