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NoiseUp Label noise-industrial / Praha

„Noise the world!“

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NOISEUP LABEL PRESENTS: Sonne und Stahl "Ave Europa... It's Time

Ostatní Vznik: 15.5.2019
Internet-label NoiseUp is proud to present debut full-length album of the German project Sonne und Stahl. The project appeared on the map of industrial music in the middle of 10s and in 2018 they released their first demo recordings with tracks recorded during the years 2016-2018. Later the musicians finished the material for the split with another project called Unterdrückung, but the split is still in production. During the music creating Sonne und Stahl were inspired by the music of the well-known artists in such genres as martial industrial, dark ambient and neoclassical music. Debut full-length album of Sonne und Stahl received the name “Ave Europa… It’s Time to Awake” and became some kind of call and manifest. Classic marches replaced by rough rhythmic compositions with industrial sound and dark gloomy ambient. Drumrolls are called Europe to awake from the dream, ambient opuses and religious motifs are incarnation of prayers for the future and the reality of the present. Struggle, which will end as victory. Debut work of Sonne und Stahl will be interesting firstly for the Arditi fans, but with their own touches and features. “Ave Europa… It’s Time to Awake” will be out for free download on June 1st on the official NoiseUp website and on the Bandcamp page of the label. Noise the world!


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