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NoiseUp Label noise-industrial / Praha

„Noise the world!“

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NOISEUP LABEL PRESENTS: isu sumer "Convulsions (EP)"

Ostatní Vznik: 4.4.2019
Internet-label NoiseUp presents new release of the Russian noise project isu sumer. The project was created in 2014 by two musicians. Debut album “Dying” was out in 2014. The project has four full-length albums, one EP and collaboration with Thou Art in their discography till now. All of them are available for free download on the project’s Bandcamp page. Low frequency experiments with drone ambient and noise elements under the influence of postpunk are peculiar for the early works and became the main feature of isu sumer along with minimal structures and cinematic music. With the time the musicians moved to the harsher sound and postpunk went to the background although the experimental rock sound did not disappear and according to the musicians will be present on the future releases. New work is called “Convulsions” and is similar to the duo’s last album “way of 13 knives” released in 2018. This kind of harsh noise with power electronics is a pure sound attack and the concept of the work has a lot of common thing with American power electronics sound called crime electronics. Early records were influenced by Russian composer Roman Sidorov and his project Staruha Mha and noise period was signed by the sound of Whitehouse, Sutcliffe Jügend and Atrax Morgue. Russians present three long tracks on “Convulsions” done in intransigent harsh noise experiments. The new EP will be available for free download on April 13th on the official NoiseUp website and on the Bandcamp page of the label. Noise the world!


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