Noisebleed - Text a video Awake z alba Asymbiosis |
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Noisebleed metalcore-djent / Praha

„Nahráváme splitko CHIRALITY, točíme klip!“

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Text skladby Awake

z alba Asymbiosis

Autor hudby: Tomáš Žák
Autor textu: Tomáš Žák

We've been sleeping our lives away
Digging our shallow grave
We brought this on ourselves
We've been sleeping our lives away
Now we're bound to be erased

There will be no salvation
The age of purification
Obliteration of civilization

This fucking cold
Air filled with death and disease
All hope is gone, days become weeks
I've seen what's next if I don't stay awake

I can feel the change inside
Resisting what I will become
Victim of our own design
Empty shell of a man

There is no absolution
Human waste extermination
The final step in evolution

"If they live like pigs they will die like one."
We see all our sins when we reach the end

I've been sleeping my life away
Frozen in time and space
I'm faced with my mistakes
I've been wasting my life away
Now I must repent

I feel them swarming, calling for me
Begging me to regress and be free
Deep down I know this is my fate
So why am I still trying to stay awake?

I can feel the weight inside
Dragging me away from this life
Dying to be born again
I close my eyes for the last time

Straining sinews fracturing bones
Powered by a putrid core
The crumpling shell is rearranged
A lifeless corpse reanimates

Set me free
I'm awake