Noisebleed - Text skladby Into the Void z alba Asymbiosis |
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Noisebleed metalcore-djent / Praha

„Nahráváme splitko CHIRALITY, točíme klip!“

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Text skladby Into the Void

z alba Asymbiosis

Autor hudby: Tomáš Žák
Autor textu: Tomáš Žák

Clear eye and clouded mind
Rising higher into the void above
I'm disappearing out of sight
This might be the final chapter of my life

Can't shake this feeling I have been here once before
Sinking deeper into the void below
Memories come flooding back and I can see
Howling sirens and chaos in the streets

I had to run
Leave my whole life in the past
I had no time
No chance to say my goodbyes

I keep reaching for the hand
Trying to hold on
But I keep slipping away

I've been waiting forever
For a chance to say goodbye
I would give anything
To break free from the void

The eyes so full of life
Are drowning in the dark
Never to return

I remember now that I was not alone
The breath was calming and the body felt so warm
I had all I wanted but something seemed so wrong
I bolted awake and realized it was all gone

I have to run
Leave my whole life in the fire
I see the light
I'm burnt inside but I'm gasping for life