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Neverlay grunge-rock / Olomouc

„Kdo poslouchá Neverlay, není nikdy nevrlej!“

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Text skladby Born Again

z alba Rescue Me

It´s long,long time ago, I felt like loaded gun
In consequence of guys, That think they´ve eaten
All the wisdom of this world, it must be fate
Now it´s too late, To speculate

I feel
Born again
Is my best friend

I know it is too soon to do a conclusion,
But in this case I can, Do exemption
You said you´d never take my faith and illusions
One big non-sense,You ignorants

There is one thing left too
That´s not according to your wish of your way and your career too
I´ll try to say, it´s easy, Maybe you´ll be dizzy
Your best way, Is run away

Fuck you!!!
I´m born again
Is my best friend

I wish I could spit into your face
Praying, you´ll never find my trace
And I can´t believe that you are so inhuman
Fuck you now and then