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  • Insight
    Chapter 1
  • Relieve pt.1
    Chapter 1
  • Euphoria
    Chapter 1
  • Insight feat. Björn Strid
    Chapter 1

Neurotension - Insight (Audition for Vocalist Promo 2014)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 22.9.2014
The new era of Neurotension has began. We recorded this song named Insight as a promo 2014 with fresh ideas and new members. We are looking for the last member and guess who, it's the singer indeed! So, if you liked the song and you want to be a part of our band, feel free to record your vocal lines into this track and send it via facebook to Neurotension (or directly to Jakub Maggi Malášek). We are excited to hear you!

Line up:
Marek "Snímač" Švestka - guitar
Olda "Olsson" Sušil - drums
Jakub "Maggi" Malášek - guitar
Michal "Jake" Oberreiter - keys
Ondra "Kurt" Pavelka - bass

Mixing, mastering, video editing: Jakub "Maggi" Malášek
Effects, animation: Michal "Jake" Oberreiter

Thanks to:
Petr Bartoněk - management
Evička & Sonička - video/photo shooting, make-up, catering
Ondřej Šárník - photography

Sponsored by: - sound, light, stage, video - LED monitors