Nèro Scartch - Text a video Ghost z alba Piece Of My Life | Bandzone.cz
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Nèro Scartch ambient-electronica / Praha


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Text skladby Ghost

z alba Piece Of My Life

Autor hudby: Nèro Scartch
Autor textu: Nèro Scartch

I'm watching you through your window to see the painful things you do to me.
I don't know if I should cry or smile. But you don't hurt me anymore…

I'm the ghost looking after you, I'm like the smoke from your cigarette,
I am dissolving around you.

You are the queen on your throne, I stand here like I was gone.
You aren't a Goddess but too good to be a human.
I don't know if there is someone like you, but now I know you are not here for me.

Sometimes I'm there – in your room when you powder your face,
to be loved by the others, to reap all the grace.
I'm watching you, putting on your lipstick, I'm getting closer to you but
everytime I try to kiss you, your lips go through my head.

I should remember I'm just the ghost looking after you.
You've grown up next to me, seems like I'm still a child next to nobody.
Yeah, I'm still a child next to nobody.