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Narcotic Fields alternative-electronica / Brno


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Text skladby Absorb

z alba Erase

Autor hudby: Bayer
Autor textu: Bayer


I´m singin´ out and breath
I´m trying to clear my soul
I used to feel like a thief
And than I´ve been robbed even more

The sun in my heart has falled
Deep night instead of the day
Tell me how to find more

Where is the star
Where is the star
Where is the star
The one that leeds on some way

You don´t believe in guides
You´re groping by walls in blindness
Your eyes works perfectly
But something ellse makes them useless

The heaven is clear all your nights
But some of them should be the days
That´s maybe why you can´t see

Where is the star
Where is the star
Where is the star
The one that that leeds on right way

Maybe somewhere, but I don´t see
So I lay
closin´ my eyes and imagine
It shines above you

You see a future subways
But don´t recognize the difference
Can´t get under the surface
So you´re throwing yourself to the darkness

You don´t see how deep it leeds
How painful can be the landing
And until it all goes over
It´s out of your understanding

Where is the star
That lights even when it´s too late

The end of your flight is even closer
I´ve prayed
I´m closin´ my eyes and imagine
The star above you