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Mr.Scarecrow death-black / Ostrava

„Change the Channel !!“

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Text skladby Agnus Dei

z alba Change the Channel

Autor hudby: Matěj Grunt
Autor textu: Matěj Grunt

01 - Agnus Dei
(Samuel Barber, arranged by Grunt M./John 1:29)

Lamb of God
You who take away
The sins of the world
Have mercy
Upon us.

[SPOKEN: Jonestown, 18.11.1978]

CHRISTINE MILLER: I said I'm not ready to die.
JIM JONES: I don't think you are.
MILLER: But, ah, I look about at the babies and I think they deserve to live, you know?
JONES: I agree. But also they deserve much more; they deserve peace.
MILLER: We all came here for peace.
JONES: And we've--have we had it?

JONES: I, with respect, die with a degree of dignity. Lay down your life with dignity. Don't lay down with tears and agony.
There's nothing to death. It's like Mac said, it's just stepping over to another plane. Don't be this way. Stop this hysterics.
This is not the way for people who are Socialists or Communists to die. No way for us to die. We must die with some dignity.
We will have no choice. Now we have some choice.
Mother, please, please, please. Don't--don't do this. Don't do this.
Lay down your life with your child. But don't do this.

Free at last. Keep--keep your emotions down. Keep your emotions down. Children, it will not hurt.
If you'd be--if you'll be quiet. If you'll be quiet.

JONES: We didn't commit suicide, we committed an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world.