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Mouthguard punk / Brisbane

„molotov cocktail of Punk, Oi and Hardcore“

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Text skladby Eye for an Eye

z alba One More Round

Autor hudby: Hap Hathaway
Autor textu: Hap Hathaway

I counted up the ways that all the people done me wrong
And set upon a twisted road I never should have gone
I started out a simple man just trying to be free
And ended up as someone that I never meant to be

I coulda' turned away I guess it woulda' made a change
I shoulda' seen it comin' from a thousand miles away
But "coulda', shoulda', woulda" are no help from now on
Once the blade's been drawn you know the damage has been done

I see things all so clearly, just what has come
Like all good men of vision, madness follouws tight along
Have mercy on my wretched soul forgive me what I do
Then I will dance upon your grave couse I got none for you

I gathered up resentment like the storm clouds gather rain
And went about the business of easing up my pain
The spinal chord and ribcage once so beatiful and strong
They come apart so easy now that justice has begun

I realize a few things but only when I'm done
We're not so different once you get down through the skin and bone
And olny when I'm standing underneath this hanging tree
That I have done to others what they're gonna do to me

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