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Morna progressive-death / Nová Dubnica

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Text skladby Let Us Bury This Body

z alba Sentient Cultist

Autor hudby: Morna
Autor textu: Jakub Filip

That day I remember,
I was ready to surrender.
From the day I met you,
Honestly, I hate you.

What an unusual time it was –
I was weak 'cause I was a child,
I was innocent and in danger.

What a freaky place it was –
There was fluid dark all around,
Pretending not to be a 'stranger'.

Let us bury this body,
Keep calm, death made him be,
There's no chance for change in him,
Keep calm, he will be free.

This pain is all
I have left of you.
You are like a ghost,
Trying to shake me.

I released my soul – I can breathe,
But the real You lie underneath.

Salvation lost its meaning,
The body cries, the body hurts,
Further beyond I can imagine.