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Morna progressive-death / Nová Dubnica

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Text skladby Through the Pain I See Others

z alba Sentient Cultist

Autor hudby: Morna
Autor textu: Róbert Ruman

Hear, hear the ancient voice,
The whisperer from the outer space,
She took the lead,
Now the others act like fools.
Feel the places you’ve never reached,
But the shadow you cannot see penetrates you.
The pain is real.

The light at the end of the hole has been shut down,
The void swallowed your body,
Soul has been separated from flesh,
Material presence disappeared with the rise of the rivers of blood.

Run, you could run, you fool,
Now the circle is closed,
Consumed, the mud you consumed lives in you,
And grows, (grows).

When your mind is finally corrupted,
You know the only being to hate is yourself.