Morna - Album: A Tale of Woe |

Morna progressive-death / Nová Dubnica

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  • Silence Doesn't Exist
    Sentient Cultist
  • Let Us Bury This Body
    Sentient Cultist
  • Through the Pain I See Others
    Sentient Cultist
  • To Think Alone
  • 1. Beyond the Pale
    A Tale of Woe
  • 2. Awake
    A Tale of Woe
  • 3. I Amar Prestar Aen
    A Tale of Woe
  • 4. Closing Portrait
    A Tale of Woe
  • 5. Unuhuinë
    A Tale of Woe
  • 6. Sequel
    A Tale of Woe

Vydavatelství: independent
Producent: ourselves
Mix: Robert Ruman Jr.
Mastering: Robert Ruman Jr.
Album art: Kubo Filip, Kristína Hulváková


A Tale of Woe


Full-lenght debut CD, 2013

Robert Ruman Jr. - vocals, lead, rhytm and acoustic guitars, synthesizers
Michal Vlkovic - lead and rhytm guitars
Tomas Cvecka - bass guitars
Jakub Filip - drums and scream vocals