Moral Insanity - Text skladby Merciful Death z alba Where Life Ends (demo) |
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Moral Insanity death-metal / Vyškov

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Text skladby Merciful Death

z alba Where Life Ends (demo)

Autor hudby: Moral Insanity
Autor textu: Mira Šebesta

Screams full of pain
Body eaten by cancer
Soul in the flames
Vision of death becomes real

All bygone life
Flash through your head
Mad sights of your eyes
Are full of tears

You and your pain are together
You "I want to die" say
Death close your eyes
You beg a little to stop

Merciful death
Merciful ...

Think about life
And what is death
It's your relieving
Mercyiful fate

Think about life
What is death
It's the freedom unleashed from chains
of your days full of pain
It's your mercy