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M.i.X electronica-folk / Lipence

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Text skladby The Anthem

z alba RE.LEASE

too young to give up
too old for a smile on my face
steppin' to the gap
and looking back what color my trace is

have seen enough
to know that every moment has its price
have heard enough
to shut my mouth
to make the world more nice

they call it nice
while it is deep
and dark and grey

cold cube of ice
as hard as you can
stay and take

when I'm high
I'd like to grab
a can and spray

open your eyes
is only f***

too young to be wise
too old for makin' world my way
have tried so hard
then pushing one more single day

weak for dry eyes
too strong for some to iritate
still askin' why
and not sure if hesitate

my way of life
take it or leave it
let me say

all-in on blind
it's not allowed
to leave this game

tell me your lies
I'm not afraid
of birds of prey

when comes to l***
it's time to pack
and run away