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Misty Ways gothic-metal / Brno

„Dark Valentine Party 8 4.2.2017 Brno, Favál“

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Text skladby Endless Dreams

z alba Train of Lust

Autor hudby: Derias, Katryna
Autor textu: Derias

On the wind I feel the smell
of bitter sweet and spice
Little touch of private taste
that floats down in my mouth

Salty stream of memories
leads me to my secret passion
Oh, you never let me go

There‘s a thorny road to Hills
To ground beneath the trees
To the such a lonely place
That no man‘s ever seen

There she sleeps on bed of moss
There she dreams of love and sorrow
No, she never let me go

Oh, your face is always cold
Can you feel me? I don‘t know

Endless dreams
Just what they mean
Slowly dying
With no denying
Under shroud
Seagulls and sea?
So mystifying
I know she‘s crying

Passion bleeds
Secret ecstasies
Infinite dreams

Under shroud
Endless dreams
Inwardly crying
So terrifying
Forever seeking
Never to finding
Voices so pleading
I swear they‘re talkin‘ to me

Raindrops fall when we feast this Green mass
Whispering our secret confess
Speak to me in the sweet and custom way
I need no mercy and no redemption
Queen of the night needs no celebration
Lady of mine you never let me fade away

Endless dreams
Wishes and fears
Pain of the bleeding
When love is fleeding
Under shroud
Sleep my temptations
Hush revelations
Always talkin‘ to me

Under shroud
Endless dreams

Under shroud
Endless dreams

In my mouth I feel her taste
Just bitter, sweet and spice
Tender skin, alabaster breast
and cold face with black eyes

So we sleep on bed of sin
And she shows me love and pleasure
Distant mysteries of the stars

Still your face is always cold
Can you save me? Guess, you know