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Miserable Romantics punk-rock / Olomouc

„Don't be a miserable, just romantic!“

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Let Me Go

why it's so hard to let you go
you left from my life more than a year ago
i'm stuck with my past
and everything goes so fast
my love just let me go

i told myself that i don't wanna see you again
but it's a lie i wanna but i can't

-talk to me!
-about what? you wanna..
you're going away
you're leaving ..and i'm staying here

i know that there isn't chance to be with you
this miserable romance i'm stuck into
drowned my soul just let me go

you live your new life and i'm happy for that
wish i could do the same way
insted of that i hold switchblade knife
and I try to stay alive for another day

love let me go
just let me go

love let me
just let me
love let me
love let me go


Torn Apart

all these mornings are so cold without you
when i wake up it's just another day
nothing new - no breakthrough
i lie in my bed - you're going through my head
i miss when you slept on my chest
those days were the best

nothing can be the same - not anymore
our days are gone - life closed that door
but i'm still yours
i cry all day long - thru the night
this pain is unreal - fucking life
i'm not alright!

no i'm not alright - after all - i miss even yours bites
who would have thought it - i don't

i try to look at things from your point of view
but my heart is broken just because of you
please hurry back my little maniac
i miss you so much you even don't know how
i'm still waiting for you - here and now

i'm broken can't you see
and you are the only one - one who can fix me
this all will be my death
in the middle of the night i can't take my breath
when i think of you

you are miles away from me
wherever it is i wanna be too
why i let you go
it seems like years ago

everytime i see you, you hug me so hard
it's like a rescue for my sinking heart
i love you

oh, yes it's the truth - i'm in love with you
with my whole broken heart
but i'm afraid my little soulmate
that our life together is torn apart

and nothing makes me happy anymore



everything seemed fine until this morning
when you told "i must go"
oh, no - that can't be the truth
'cause i need you

i don't wanna be alone again
i just don't wanna be
but you left me
you got your own dreams (it seems)

even when it means i'm sad
and moments with you were the best i've ever had
i"ll let you go, but hey!
i'll be missing you - you know

do you remember when we lay in bed
listening little prince?
you owe me drawing of sheep ever since
I didn't forget

problems seemed to fade away
when i was with you
but i know you cannot stay
and i know it hurts you too
so this is our goodbye
this is my goodbye to you
please don't cry - it doesn't suit you

i just wanna see you happy that's all - please don't cry
and i know this everything it's not your fault - so goodbye

i'm so alone, so alone, so alone - without you
when you are not here - oh my dear

don't go - i need you so
my little girl - sweet little girl