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Miserable Romantics punk-rock / Olomouc

„Don't be a miserable, just romantic!“

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Torn Apart

all these mornings are so cold without you
when i wake up it's just another day
nothing new - no breakthrough
i lie in my bed - you're going through my head
i miss when you slept on my chest
those days were the best

nothing can be the same - not anymore
our days are gone - life closed that door
but i'm still yours
i cry all day long - thru the night
this pain is unreal - fucking life
i'm not alright!

no i'm not alright - after all - i miss even yours bites
who would have thought it - i don't

i try to look at things from your point of view
but my heart is broken just because of you
please hurry back my little maniac
i miss you so much you even don't know how
i'm still waiting for you - here and now

i'm broken can't you see
and you are the only one - one who can fix me
this all will be my death
in the middle of the night i can't take my breath
when i think of you

you are miles away from me
wherever it is i wanna be too
why i let you go
it seems like years ago

everytime i see you, you hug me so hard
it's like a rescue for my sinking heart
i love you

oh, yes it's the truth - i'm in love with you
with my whole broken heart
but i'm afraid my little soulmate
that our life together is torn apart

and nothing makes me happy anymore