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Mindwork progressive-metal / Praha


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08. února 2021
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Text skladby Causality (The Reconciliation)

z alba Eterea

Autor hudby: Martin Schuster
Autor textu: Martin Schuster

After I opened eyes again and finally realized
That there is no more chance to hide
I felt the shackles of the time holding us till we die
And weaken us each second of our life

Call it curiosity but I believe that you and me
Found a point where space and time collide
It was the same bright spark
that turned me back into dark
More than three years after I met you and you met me

But I won‘t wait
I can‘t wait
I won‘t wait
Until time will heal my scars

Life has slipped through my fingers
I‘m slowly loosing my sanity
Endless stream of different events
I‘m trapped inside this causality
Is this how it should be?

Event follows event covering our memories by dust
Old things are gone and new ones come
But when I walk that places we used to be
Despite the thousand things I hate on you
I want you to stay with me