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Mindwork progressive-metal / Praha


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Text skladby The Stream Of Causality

z alba Eterea

Autor hudby: Martin Schuster
Autor textu: Martin Schuster

Just realize - your life is a drop in stream
Being carrying away by the law of causality
No matter how you try to influence your environment
Your drop of life will sooner or later end in the sea

Watch my eye and tell me what you see
Read my mind, how desperate should it be?

Flow down the river
Let it go, let yourself to be
Part of the stream of causality
Blown away by morning breeze
Devoured by reality
Poisoned by the smell of trees
You‘re caught in the stream of causality

It‘s too late to walk yourself away
But in a meantime you can count the words you say
It‘s too early to bring this life to it‘s end
Just stay here and wait until His final command