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Millhouse alternative-stoner rock / Bratislava

„Event Horizon TOUR 2014“

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Text skladby Can't Stand

z alba Event Horizon

Autor hudby: Millhouse
Autor textu: Millhouse

I know that something’s gonna burn my temple
I know the enemy is waiting inside
I frankly do what I feel right in this bar
like ship model in a bottle I feel gravity as well
What I expected had been fulfilled tonight
Entertainment costs nothing and you can afford everything else
Added value is that you can play tonight
Hold your breath take a shot
and know your enemy closer
I know how it could be more than a one special moment
this is how to free your mind
still I can't stand your patience
For the moment, man could lose himself
I know the enemy more closely than I’ve foreseen
He doesn’t bite, just barks at everyone
Deep inside he’s different
I know how it could be more than one special moment
This is how senselessness and logic can't stand together
It's just the enemy not everyone wants to be a friend of
Just deal with it
Don't cover me up, don't fight against your anger, and don't give up your patience
The others will raise the false based judgment. Just wash your hands above them
Don't suffer, don't hush, just push your boundaries on the edge of your common feelings
I’m proud of you to see you up there and lead by example