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Millhouse alternative-stoner rock / Bratislava

„Event Horizon TOUR 2014“

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Text skladby Event Horizon

z alba Event Horizon

Autor hudby: Millhouse
Autor textu: Millhouse

The day takes indefinitely
All the things we had and been through are up in the sky
Void inside the veins increases
Float away from the star that used to be mine
Leave the rest behind
Falling asleep with bitter sweet on my lips from the past
I've solved intractable tasks
gather time to make it fast and complain about the past
Running through our pages there’s no hidden place between us at all
I’m swaying on the edge ready to dive headlong
Event horizon used to steal reality, inflated rim of continuum
I can’t come closer since I took it personally; flushed down eternally to the hole.
Nevertheless I'm elected
I can be kind if you don't mind
I can fill your veins with blood or hope it’s up to you
falling apart to the past that used to be mine
I’m a collector, I convince all the time saved in the dark
Full of regret to; Full of regret to satisfy. I’d rather be denied
Running through our pages there’s no hidden place between us at all
I’m swaying on the edge at the same spot as before
Leave all thoughts, grow guts and dive headlong
Event horizon used to steal reality
I can’t control it since I took it personally