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Millhouse alternative-stoner rock / Bratislava

„Event Horizon TOUR 2014“

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Text skladby Mangy Wolf

z alba Event Horizon

Autor hudby: Millhouse
Autor textu: Millhouse

I believe in my own worlds
I believe in all worlds I built within
I don't care where I can be without these words
I behave like a nerd guy
I’m clever enough for all
I used to be desperate guide through my soul
It's been living in hard times
I can't remember what exactly a have done
But I notice that I want to be ignored
Cos I don’t belong here I can’t breathe but still clever enough for all,
surrounded by people and feel unsocial

We’re not in fairy tale, not anymore indeed
I’m tired mangy wolf, little less in your eyes
You’re offend me with your attending on the past and consequence,
you assured me that rather be drowned in the middle of thoughts
Yes ignored, but only on the outside in the land where waves are still in fight,
against whole wisdom, views and value thoughts
We’re not in fairy tale, not anymore indeed
I’m tired mangy wolf, little less in your eyes
Not turn in pain and feel disgraced
I turn into werewolf

I don’t feel the same
I get embarrassed of nothing at all
I fell in space, slap my face
I turn into werewolf