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Millhouse alternative-stoner rock / Bratislava

„Event Horizon TOUR 2014“

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Text skladby Consequence

z alba Event Horizon

Autor hudby: Millhouse
Autor textu: Millhouse

It's higher upstairs, laid on piano chair
It's so unreachable for you
Cooperate with reckless fair,
cos I can do it like nobody
Advice from a friend about bitter end,
twice is more than never
Mark your sheep before you go to bed,
be aware of parlor games for sailors
How can I feed your endless carefree nights?
How can I be your savior?
I can't fall asleep till I realize
Am i awake or in a dream again
Get up!
Come, and play!
Consequence will never be the same
One way
The only thing is to stay
It’s the only flash recall spread in my brain
We can do it like team
No more fears and enmity
And make contract with evil as you made
How can I endure your endless carefree nights?
How can I feed your savior?
I gave up the last chance to realize
I try, I try, I tried so hard
Get up!
Come, and play!
Consequence will never be the same
Get Up!
Gain your faith!
Consequence will constellate the planets around you
It’s still on same chair, still above same stairs
It’s still unreachable for you
Just call my name don’t be afraid
I can do it like nobody
Get up!
Come, and play!