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Millhouse alternative-stoner rock / Bratislava

„Event Horizon TOUR 2014“

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Text skladby Universe

z alba Event Horizon

Autor hudby: Millhouse
Autor textu: Millhouse

Do I miss all points of my being?
Guess I do, but it's time to move on
Glad to know that I am part of the wisdom that surrounds me
A grain of sand would be more than humanity,
probably, the rest is under supervision
Catch all stars and collect them into constellations
I try to correct you
You try forget to
Not everything is in my powers
And my Calypso is still holding me in a daydream
Try so hard, dont give up to argue, enemy is still at the gates and waiting
I don’t mind, I’m just staring upward for absolution

Universe was created free, with no greed and humanity at all. All that remains is a whirr noise in the background
Moving around, crashing to each other, gathering more power to use it further.
Convince the time to stop moving sideways and pass to future
I’m not glad to be human, no more
Running head hard against the wall
Even though I’m still free, I’m stronger than tree, full of pure power like birds at the seas
Universe was created free, with no humanity and greed at all.
All that remain is a whirr noise in the background