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Messystematic rock / Praha

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Je to příběh... text Bug's Voyage

BUG'S VOYAGE (text a baskytara: Martin Kmínek, hudba a kytara: Zdeněk Divoký, zpěv: Pája Nováková j.h. , bicí: Filip Hájek)

Once upon a time, there was a bug called Joe
who lived on a small island in the middle of the lake
he went bored of this tiny flat, so he decided to go
beyond the great water, though there was a risk to take

he found himself a sturdy oak leaf, fellow bugs telling he's mad
But one day he said "farewell!", took deep breath and set the sail ahead!

as he enjoyed twirling colors on the lake being sun-blazed
suddendy he recognized adventure's bitter taste
Sky is getting dark, night replaced the day
black clouds start swarming aloft, but our little stubborn Joe's going to make his way

Storm just started raging, looks like The lake wants to see the daring drown
Raindrops drumming on the deck continue knocking him down

Wave after wave hammering at Joe's advancing oak leaf
lightning after lightning strike around but he still does believe.. 

Rainwater is freezing, but no colder than his sweat.
he just sets his teeth and keeps rushing straight ahead.

Tears are pushing to his eyes, he claims his struggle's in vain
and little broken, exhausted bug body is tortured by crippling pain

Wave after wave hammering at Joe's advancing oak leaf
lightning after lightning strike around and he is
Slowly losing his hope
Trying to retain some
he fell on all six knees
hearing the Reaper come

now far away from home, like if he heard his fellow bug's distant cries
his life passed in front his eyes. 

"Hey, Joe! It's me, the Reaper!
Enough of living;
Youve enjoyed the show and now its time to go!"

But shores of the promised land are already on his sight
gathering all remaining powers he stood for a final fight
his firm oak leaf badly torn, his face and soul terribly bleached,
but he just swung over last few waves and then finally he has reached

the coast of the land where he can have some rest and new friends and new home and new life
and play all around a forest
and send some letters to his homeland
and have great memories of big, big adventure... 

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